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Orkhan A. Ukraine

Name: Orkhan A. Ukraine    Date: May. 29, 2019     Country:

I began cooperation with AA-Smart with small volumes. Thanks to the patience of Mr. Amos and the very fast processing of orders and the quality of the goods, increased the volume of sales several times. Many thanks to the AA-Smart company that they find an approach to every request.

Ihor Schtoma, CEO Ukrspezprodukzia, LLC

Name: Ihor Schtoma, CEO Ukrspezprodukzia, LLC    Date: Sep. 04, 2018     Country: Ukraine

I am very pleased with the cooperation with AA-Smart. Orders are processed in a short time and fast delivery. Cameras are high quality. I have never failed my customers. Сooperation is developing successfully. Great thanks!

Jaime Huaynate

Name: Jaime Huaynate    Date: Jul. 25, 2018     Country: Peru

Angel worked in AA-Smart, is a gifted negotiator with a rare combination of patience, spunk, and research skills. I’m lucky to have worked with Angel, a manager who’s not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in his employees and customers , she is very professional and great person.

Alfredo S.

Name: Alfredo S.    Date: Jun. 26, 2018     Country: Sipsa Guatemala

I had been doing bussiness with AA Smart for a while, they provided sollutions to our customer needs. Communication makes bussiness going on and we found in AA a very good bussiness partner.

Brian McFarland

Name: Brian McFarland    Date: Jun. 14, 2018     Country: Thailand

AA-Smart did a fantastic job for us. I had a special request. Their engineering department was able to design exactly what I needed, and their factory made this special order quickly. Excellent quality. Special mention to Angel Zhou, who took quite a lot of time to ensure that I received exactly what I asked for, using the shipping method I request

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